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Home Market is a non-profit chain store, an innovative poverty-relief project - selling good quality food and affordable daily necessities at near wholesale prices to less privileged people and grassroots in the poorest residential districts in Hong Kong.  


Become a Home Market Member?  


Five main groups of less-privileged people are eligible to be Home Market Members. The members can enjoy the Member Prices and Benefits exclusively at shops. The member groups include (1) the elderly permanent Hong Kong residents over the age of 65, (2) disabled people, (3) low-income families, (4) ethnic minorities, and (5) new immigrants from mainland China. 


The applicant needs to complete and return the application form Download Home Market Membership Application Form, together with the original supporting document(s) verifying his/her identity. 


The supporting documents for the Membership application:

  • The elderly permanent Hong Kong residents over the age of 65, with the age-proofs (e.g. senior citizen card or HK ID card), when he/she submits the application.

  • Disabled people - the recipients of the Social Welfare Department (SWD) Disability Allowances. The applicant needs to present (1) the SWD "Registration Card for People with Disabilities" and (2) the copy of the notification letter of the Disability Allowance approved by SWD, the card and letter of the latest 3 months. Both (1) and (2) need to be presented by the applicant in person.  

  • Low-income families - the recipients of the Specified Assistance Schemes or The Household Income Levels meet the criteria*. The applicant needs to present a copy of the notification letter of the approved schemes of the following government organizations. The related governmental documents or letters of the latest 3 months.
  • The Specified Assistance Schemes include:


(a) Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme; 


(b) Hospital Authority Medical Fee Waiving Mechanism (excluding one-off waiver);


(c) Kindergarten and Child Care Centre Fee Remission Scheme;


(d) the Financial Assistance Schemes for the Students:


  • the Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-secondary Students; or


  •  the Financial Assistance Scheme for Primary and Secondary Students (i.e. the School Textbook Assistance Scheme, Student Travel Subsidy Scheme, Subsidy Scheme for Internet Access Charges, Examination Fee Remission Scheme); or


  •  Financial Assistance Scheme for Designated Evening Adult Education Courses (full/half fee reimbursement)); or


  • Tertiary Student Finance Scheme - Publicly-funded Programmes; or


  • Student financial assistance schemes under the Student Financial Assistance Agency



*While the applicant meets the eligibility criteria for applying for the "Low-Income-Families"  Membership, he/she needs to present the proof of the household financial records   (e.g. bank statement or bank document of the latest 3 months)  in-person to our shops or office.


The eligibility criteria of the household size and average monthly household income as following:

  • Household size (persons) 1, monthly income limit below HK$10100;


  • Household size (persons) 2, monthly income limit below HK$14700;


  • Household size (persons) 3, monthly income limit below HK$17900;


  • Household size (persons) 4, monthly income limit below HK$22400;


  • Household size (persons) 5, monthly income limit below HK$23200;


  • Household size (persons) 6 or above, monthly income limit below HK$24300.


  • Ethnic minorities - persons of non-Chinese ethnicity with HKID card (excluding foreign domestic helpers)


  • New immigrants from mainland China - persons of Chinese nationality who have entered Hong Kong via a one-way permit with valid HKID cards and have ordinarily resided in Hong Kong for a continuous period of less than 7 years.

Download (Click Here) Home Market Membership Application Form



Become a Home Market Staff?

Shop Sales/Assistant 


Responsible for daily grocery shop operations, customer services, member recruitment, and POS cashier work. 


Requirements: Secondary 3; 1 Year(s) Experience Required; Fluent Cantonese; Fair Putonghua; Fair English; Able to read & write Chinese; Able to read & write simple English. The cashier or POS experience is given priority consideration. 


Employment Terms: With Good Attendance Bonus, Discretionary Bonus, Purchase Discount, and Medical Insurance, 8:00 AM-19: 15 PM, 6 working days per week, shift holiday, 9 working hours per day. 


Contact us: 3987 7815 or Fax your CV to 3572 0969 or Email it to




Become a Home Market Volunteer?



Contact us: 3987 7800





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